Our Private Safari

by Oslo Kill City



Oslo Kill City is:
Allie Fischer - guitars/keys
Bart Filid - bass/vocals
Jan Tyszka - drums


released September 9, 2013

"Our Private Safari" was recorded and mastered by Maciej Frycz in March 2013.

Artwork by Karolina Bielawska.



all rights reserved


Oslo Kill City Poland

OSLO KILL CITY (2010- ) is a three-piece band from Poland. It consists of Allie Fischer (guitars and keyboards), Bart Filid (vocals and bass) and Charlie Spad (drums).
Their two EPs, „Our Private Safari” (2013) and "A Conspiracy of Cartographers" (2014), gained considerable publicity. Their new EP "Clarity" is out now.
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Track Name: The Stockholm Syndrome
"Keep an eye open, an ear cocked.
Tread warily, follow instructions.
You'll be all right."

Everything was on autumn fire
When I was reading names from stones
Clothes and crayons and warmth
Under frost September leaves

Then my mum unclasped her hand from
Mine with the flaming sword and left
Leaving me speechless like lake
Moveless sand and lifeless sky

Tables like some turgid turtles
And walls with their unbending backs
Toilets with their toothless lids
Children like the eyeless dwarves

I escaped North
Of the North Pole
On this island
With no name
‘Cause I’ve got sunshine in my jar
‘Cause I’ve grown to like this rock of mine

Better to reign in Hell
Than serve in Heaven
Better to be lonely someone
Than noone in a crowd
Track Name: Our Private Safari
In the country of our childhood
Days passed so slowly and sweetly
Like the beads of my mother’s rosary
When we danced with lions in our private safari

Boyhood dreams written on the horizon
My embrace was too small to be your home
You left without a goodbye or handshake and
I let all the animals out from our private safari

Our private safari
Our private safari

The warmth of your touch has cooled
The embers of your eyes have died
You will be back for me one day I know
But there’s gonna be no animals in our safari

Our private safari
Our private safari
Track Name: Mumble Core
And I’ll never be surprised by my series of embarrassments
And I’ll never be afraid of my series of embarrassments

So they said I could be
Whoever I wished to be
Marlon Brando or Kurt Cobain
Their clothes their dope their girls their fame

In the state of perspiration
I had a flash of inspiration
That at the top of my profession
In I’d come for their succession
But in my bloody recollection
I’ve lost the last of my passion
However often I’d dye my hair blonde
Or wear the ‘50s underwear

So I’ll never be surprised by my series of embarrassments
So I’ll never be afraid of my series of embarrassments